What you can expect from our office cleaning:
  • Office Cleaning Experts: Our cleaning specialists have been in this industry for over the past decade, completing works for both industrial and residential and commercial clients.
  • Fuss Free Booking Experience: We strive to offer our customers a fuss-free experience while booking our services. Get your offices cleaned in a timely and efficient manner.
  • Professional and Reliable Services: We ensure to only offer high-quality services to our customers with the latest cleaning technologies and high levels of workmanship.

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Office Cleaning

With extensive experience and expertise, DW Commercial Cleaning Services Singapore delivers top-quality and cost-effective office cleaning services.

In today’s fast-paced world, maintaining a clean and hygienic workspace is essential for businesses of all sizes. Our office cleaning service offers a comprehensive solution to keep your workspace pristine. From dusting and vacuuming to sanitizing high-touch surfaces such as doorknobs, light switches, and shared equipment, our dedicated team ensures a fresh and inviting environment for your employees and clients.

We understand the importance of a clean office in fostering productivity and morale, which is why we tailor our cleaning approach to meet your specific needs and schedule. With our attention to detail and commitment to excellence, you can focus on growing your business while we take care of the cleanliness of your workspace.


What Our Commercial Cleaning Consist Of


Reception Area

  • Dust and wipe down all surfaces, including reception desk, tables, and furniture.
  • Vacuum and mop the floor.
  • Clean door handles and light switches.
  • Empty and clean trash receptacles.
  • Straighten magazines and reading materials.
  • Check and clean glass surfaces.


Conference Rooms

  • Dust and wipe down all surfaces, including tables, chairs, and presentation equipment.
  • Vacuum and mop the floor.
  • Clean door handles and light switches.
  • Wipe down phones and remote controls.
  • Clean and polish glass surfaces.
  • Empty and clean trash receptacles.
  •  Arrange chairs and materials according to the specified layout.



  •  Dust and wipe down all surfaces, including desks, chairs, and shelves.
  • Vacuum or clean carpets, and mop hard floors.
  • Clean door handles, light switches, and electronic equipment.
  • Wipe down phones, keyboards, and computer mice.
  • Empty and clean trash receptacles.
  • Organize and straighten office supplies.
  • Dust and clean window sills and blinds.



  • Clean countertops, tables, and chairs.
  • Wipe down appliances, including microwave, refrigerator, and coffee maker.
  • Clean sinks and faucets.
  • Mop the floor.
  • Empty and clean trash receptacles.
  • Check and restock paper towels, soap, and other supplies.


Common Areas/Hallways

  • Dust and wipe down surfaces, including handrails and light fixtures.
  • Vacuum or clean carpets, and mop hard floors.
  • Clean door handles and light switches.
  • Wipe down and dust wall art or decorations.
  • Empty and clean trash receptacles.

*Disclaimer: For safety reasons, here is what our cleaners are not allowed to do:

  • Clean ceiling fans/high areas
  • Clean windows externally
  • Moving furniture
  • Hand mop floors

What Do I Have To Prepare After Booking The Cleaning Service?

Please prepare the following cleaning supplies after booking our cleaning services:

  • Cleaning Cloth (Normal or Microfiber)
  • Brushes (e.g., Toilet Scrub and Floor Scrub)
  • Vacuum Cleaner and Mop
  • Cleaning agents (e.g. Glass Cleaning Spray, Dishwashing Liquid, Bathroom Stain Remover, Floor Cleaner, Stove Cleaner etc.)
  • Cleaning Supplies (e.g., Pails, Bucket, Sponge)
  • Steamer or Iron and Iron board for additional ironing services

Feel free to contact our team if you are unsure about which cleaning supplies are required.


What We Offer

Commercial Cleaning

Most efficient Commercial Cleaning services in Singapore.

Office Cleaning

Refresh your workspace with expert Office Cleaning.

Industrial Cleaning

Professional Industrial Cleaning services in Singapore

Commercial Pantry Cleaning

Tailored cleaning solutions ensuring hygiene and organization.

School Cleaning

Clean and safe learning environments for students and staff.

Childcare Centre Cleaning

Ensuring a healthy space for all young learners.

Tuition Centre Cleaning

Maintain conducive learning spaces with expert cleaning services.

Gym Cleaning

Guarantee hygiene and comfort for all your customers.

Carpet Cleaning

Remove dust and mites from your commercial space carpets

Why Choose Us

Affordable Rates

We aim to keep our prices affordable for our customers to enjoy our suite of professional and reliable commercial cleaning services.

Seamless Booking Experience

Our dedicated customer support team will be able to assist with price quotes, inquiries, and provide recommendations.

High Quality Workmanship

Enjoy our high-quality workmanship from our experienced cleaning specialists - maintaining a clean and professional commercial space.

One-Stop Convenience

We want our customers to enjoy the convenience of booking a suite of commercial cleaning services with confidence and peace of mind.

Choose DW Commercial Cleaning Services Singapore

DW Commercial Cleaning Services Singapore is your one-stop solution for all your commercial cleaning requirements. We offer a comprehensive range of services including office cleaning, industrial cleaning, upholstery cleaning (e.g., office chair cleaning and sofa cleaning), aircon servicing, carpet cleaning, and more. Plus, our commercial office cleaning services cover various areas, including workstations, pantries, restrooms, and surface areas such as windows and glass panels. Experience the transformative power of cleanliness with DW Commercial Cleaning Singapore. Contact us via WhatsApp at +65 8241 0032 today to schedule your appointment.


Maintaining a clean office environment is crucial for the well-being of employees and the overall productivity of the workplace. Here are other key reasons highlighting the importance of regular office cleaning:

  • Health and Well-being: Regular cleaning reduces the presence of germs and allergens, creating a healthier environment that minimizes the risk of illness among employees.
  • Increased Productivity: A clean and organized workspace fosters a positive atmosphere, leading to improved focus and efficiency among employees.
  • Professional Image: A well-maintained office space reflects positively on the company, creating a positive impression on clients, partners, and visitors.
  • Prolonged Equipment Life: Regular cleaning of office equipment and furniture helps extend their lifespan, reducing the need for frequent replacements and saving on long-term costs.
  • Employee Satisfaction: A clean and tidy office contributes to employee satisfaction, boosting morale and creating a more enjoyable working environment.
  • Compliance with Standards: Regular cleaning ensures that the workplace complies with health and safety standards, reducing the risk of legal issues and ensuring a safe working environment.

Determining the cost of office cleaning services depends on various factors that cater to the unique needs of each workspace. Here’s a breakdown to help you understand the factors influencing office cleaning costs:

  • Size of the Office: Larger office spaces generally require more time and resources for cleaning, impacting the overall cost.
  • Frequency of Cleaning: The more frequent the cleaning service, the higher the overall cost. Regular daily or weekly cleaning services may be more cost-effective than infrequent deep cleanings.
  • Cleaning Specifications: Specific cleaning requirements, such as carpet cleaning, window cleaning, or specialized equipment cleaning, can influence the overall cost.
  • Location: The geographical location of the office can affect labor costs and, subsequently, the total cleaning service expenses.
  • Type of Cleaning Service: Basic cleaning services may have a different cost structure compared to more comprehensive services that include deep cleaning or specialized tasks.

Engaging professionals for office cleaning ensures a consistently high standard of cleanliness, creating a healthier and more appealing workspace. These experts bring specialized knowledge, use appropriate cleaning techniques, and have the necessary equipment to efficiently maintain the office environment. Outsourcing cleaning services also allows your staff to focus on their primary responsibilities, ultimately enhancing overall productivity.

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